Korean BBQ Tacos - with a sweet and spicy Gochujang sauce, sticky soy 'mince', pickled carrots and Sriracha mayo

The Ultimate Vegan Kebab - with marinated 'Doner' pieces, creamy tzaziki, pickled cabbage, chilli sauce, garlic mayo and hummus in homemade flatbreads

Tofu Katsu Curry - with sticky rice and pickled veg

Israeli Sabich - with deep fried aubergines, Israeli salad, flatbreads and a tahini sauce

Knife Cut Noodles - with a creamy chilli peanut sauce, crispy tofu and shredded cucumber

Homemade Bao Buns - with crispy Peking mushrooms, homemade hoisin sauce and pickled veg

Homemade Gnocchi - with a sage, hazelnut, vegan butter and garlic sauce 

Burritos - with vegan carne asada, guacamole, Mexican rice and pico de gallo

Shakshuka - with the Always Cook Vegan egg, flatbreads and tahini sauce

Rich Veggie Ramen - with homemade noodles, crispy tofu and fried greens

Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Rolls - with garlic mayo, creamy avocado slaw and a homemade BBQ sauce

Festive Tacos - with vegan sausage meat, cranberry salsa, pickled onions and a sage and garlic mayo

Buttermilk Mushroom Burgers - with a creamy mustard slaw, caramalised onions and a homemade chilli sauce, Franks Hot Sauce style.

Roasted Butternut Squash Thai Curry - with crispy shallots, wok fried greens and coconut sticky rice

Laap/Laab - with fragrant Jasmine rice and crispy shallots

Roasted Veg Crostini - with garlic aioli, salsa verde, charred lemons and crispy capers

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