Frequently Asked Questions

Cook Alongs

How long is an 'Always Cook on the Bright Side' session?

The sessions usually last around 2 hours, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less, depending on the recipe. But trust me, the time flies by. Just makes sure you don't have to rush off to a Zoom quiz because you'll definitely want to take the time to enjoy what we've made.

How do I get involved?

Go to the 'Book a space' section and book in - it's as simple as that! There are just 20 placed per class so if you're interested, I'd recommend getting in there sooner rather than later!

Can I bring someone else to the class with me?

Of course! Sous chefs are always welcome (it's very handy having someone there to roll the dough or clean up around you). If you could please let me know by clicking 2 attendees when booking, that would be great. That way I know how many people will be joining the class. Looking forward to welcoming you (both) at the next class!

What type of classes of available?

We have our standard community sessions which are on a Sunday evening, usually at 5:30-7:30/8. These classes can be booked by anyone and are always really relaxed and informal. It's a fantastic way to meet other people with a shared love of good food, who are also looking to unwind and do something a bit different. Then we have corporate sessions, and private group sessions for you and a group of friends/family. You'll cook together, catch up, listen to some music and eat together. The sessions can be anything from 1 hour at lunchtime to 2 hours in the evening - the timings and dishes we make are completely up to you! A cookie masterclass in your lunchbreak? Yes please. A Korean Taco party and cocktails in the evening? Say no more....

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