Always Cook is a dynamic new interactive, vegan cooking school which was born in the midst of a global pandemic.

In April I found myself cooking endlessly and spent isolated days covered in flour as I whipped up treats for distanced friends and family. I quickly learnt that nothing brings a smile to peoples’ faces like a chubby cinnamon bun glazed with sticky-sweet icing. But I was craving the kind of connection that would last longer than a brief encounter on someone’s doorstep in blue surgical gloves and a face-mask.

Always Cook on the Bright Side became a way to bring people together in a time when we were feeling lonely, bored, hungry for human contact and good food. It started on Zoom with friends and family. We chatted and laughed and drank, and at the end we all sat down to the same delicious dish. People left feeling connected, full and proud of what they’d created.

So we’re replacing cold, stainless steel worktops of traditional cookery schools with our familiar stained countertops, slightly-melted-spatulas and our own, once non-stick, frying pans.I’m here to demystify vegan food - to show people that vegan cooking can be both exciting and delicious. I’ve made it my mission to transform kitchens around the world from a daunting space to one that’s filled with creativity, fun and the irresistible aroma of frying garlic.



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