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banging new recipes comINg very soon...


Keep an eye out for new cook along dates being added this week...



Great fun and brilliant results, even for non-chefs like me!


Mia’s sessions are marvellous fun and easy to follow.  We had a blast making flatbreads and Israeli salad, Tofu katsu curry and jasmine rice.  Mia is a great host with a good sense of humour and seemingly infinite patience!  The results were superb and well worth making again.  This has expanded my modest repertoire, and I will definitely be back for more.

                        - Rob, Oxfordshire

I hate zoom and organised fun and am a massive carnivore, so that's saying a lot

I’m obsessed with it!! I keep going back for more! Plus it’s a really good way to connect with friends in lockdown, I’ve done a few private sessions with friends + the public ones are such good fun too 🌮 Also I hate Zoom organised fun and am a massive carnivore so that’s saying a lot - Emily, London

I had a grand ol’ time and still cannot believe I made actual bao buns - they were everything I’d been craving! Still can’t believe they were made in my kitchen. My french housemates who are not super familiar with vegan food absolutely loved it too, a success all round! - Emma, Bordeaux